charlottewinslowfitness: Kaitlyn submitted by email: Your plan…

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Kaitlyn submitted by email: 

Your plan is absolutely amazing. I have lost 30lbs in just over 2 months!! I still have a fair bit to go but im excited to reach my goal. Thankyou so much!!!

OMG this makes me so happy!!!!😭😭 ahhhh oh my gosh i’m so glad you’re loving the One Month Makeover and it’s helped you lose 30lbs in ~2 months!!! 😍 AMAZING. Your progress pic is especially a great inspiration to all the girls out there following my plan wanting to lose more than just a couple pounds 💕 Can’t wait to see more from you girl, love ya!!❤️😙 Keep up the amazing hard work with my plan!

Learn more about the One Month Makeover she used to lose 30lbs HERE.

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