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Hey lovelies, I wanted to announce and let everyone know that my Booty Blaster is now called the Booty Booster! :)🍑 It’s the same ebook as before, but I have revised the name! A lot of you were unsure whether it was for decreasing or increasing the size of your butt, so I thought the name change would better represent the program! 💞it does NOT decrease the size of your butt, it does the opposite, it’s specifically for building and increasing the size of your butt😋

The Booty Booster is a booty building, toning, increasing the size of, lifting, and literally boosting your booty 😍 This is PERFECT for all of you guys who are wanting to increase the size of your butt while keeping your thighs small 🙂 It has over 90+ butt exercises with daily butt workouts for 31 DAYS! 🍑 So excited to help you guys grow your booty 😋

Here are some of my Booty Booster progress pictures from my own progress to help motivate you guys:

Get the Booty Booster and read more about it here

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